Learning to Love Yourself

Monday, January 11, 2016

Mary Kay Helps Personal Lives

Learning to Love Yourself...Part 2

I created this blog as a spin-off from my first blog, Learning to Love Yourself. Both blogs are about my journey through life as I learn to love myself, but Part 2 is mainly about my self-esteem. I say all this because I am going to share this particular blog with a new audience.

It has been quite a long time since I've written in Part 2. A lot has happened in my life since then. However, I want to talk about one powerful change in my life that affects my self-esteem, my Mary Kay business.

Some of you know that I suffer from being bipolar. I have my good days and my not so good weeks. I can go days without leaving the house or even without getting dressed. It is rough on my family. I am physically here, but not mentally. 

During one of my manic episodes, I decided to open up my own Mary Kay business. I had all of the right motivation and energy at the beginning, but then something changed. I changed. My depression started to take over and I left my business by the wayside.

I'm going to backup here for a minute. For those of you who are familiar with Learning to Love Yourself, you know that even when it hurts, I am brutally honest. I started these blogs to help me. If I lie, I am only hurting myself. With that said...

I was really struggling with whether or not I was going to pursue my Mary Kay business about 11 days ago. I figured that I didn't make any profit over Christmas, the busiest selling season of all, how was I going to make a profit the rest of the year? I was in a deep dark hole. 

Now, I belong to a Mary Kay "Unit." We have our own Facebook page where we share ideas, accomplishments, challenges, struggles, events, you name it. I had just missed a powerful January Jumpstart meeting on Saturday, January 9th. As I am scrolling through Facebook I see a post from that meeting. It was our sales for the last quarter. Instead of being happy for my Unit's success, I was depressed because there were other new consultants with much higher sales than mine. I stayed on that pity potty for a good day and a half, but then something happened on Saturday the 10th... 

I came across an email from a webinar I attended on January 4th. So I clicked on where it said "Click Here" for your free video of whatever. Something inside me made me watch that motivational video. I began to get that desire back. Not so much the desire to be monetarily rich, sure I wanted income, but the desire to FEEL the way I felt when I first joined my Mary Kay Unit. That feeling that those Mary Kay Ladies gave to me at my first meeting. That lift in my self-esteem. That feeling that I CAN do this and I WILL do this. That feeling is more valuable than all of the money in the world.

I'm writing you tonight because I need to let you know just how much this opportunity of becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant means to me. It gives me the confidence and the self-esteem I lack. It gives me the motivation and the drive to keep going. It just makes me feel good inside.

Another reason that I love this business is because I believe 100% in the Mary Kay products. I see the results first hand. My Director/Recruiter lives a very different life from most people. Her husband is a quadriplegic and they have two small children, 6 and 3. They wake up at 4am each morning because she needs to help him get ready for the day and to get in his wheelchair. This process takes two hours. Then the kids get up and she has to help them get ready for school and for the day too. She eventually gets herself together at some point. She is a successful Mary Kay Sales Director, so she is constantly working on her business all day, along with feeding everyone lunch and making dinner. She doesn't go to bed early. If I woke up at 4am every morning I'd be in bed, asleep, by 8pm at the very latest. Not her. (I know this because many nights she's on the phone texting back and forth with me, helping me with my business. I tell you all of this because she looks absolutely incredible! She's been using Mary Kay for over 15 years. If I slept as little as she does and ran around like she does, I'd have bags under my eyes and a bun in my hair with no makeup every day (I do that already with sleeping 10 hours a night). But not my Director. She is faithful to her Mary Kay routine and it shows!!

I feel good knowing that I am not selling another gimmick. This is the real deal. While I'm working, I'm making women feel good about themselves. What better job could you ask for? It makes you feel good, it makes others feel good, it works, and it produces income.

This wasn't mean to try and sell you on Mary Kay. This was meant to let you know that I'm sold on Mary Kay. In such a short amount of time, only two months, this company has given me growth. I am a very blessed individual to have come across this opportunity to "do life" with my Director. She is so very special. I am older than her yet I look up to her, she is my mentor. I strive to be like her professionally and personally.

I am so grateful, I needed to write about my Mary Kay experience.

Thank you all for reading. Have a good night.