Learning to Love Yourself

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life is good!

Today is a great day! A great day to be alive, clean and sober!! My self-esteem is coming back. I'm feeling myself again. My true self. The one everyone loves!! I'm starting to remember WHO I am! And it feels great! I'm actually going to quit smoking as well. So, lets see how I do with that. I'm going to be 38 in a couple of days and it's time to really start thinking about my health. An online friend is also quitting too so...wish us good luck! It's amazing how much money one has when they don't use! And now, think of all the money I'll be saving not smoking! I won't get ahead of myself. I literally just started. But we'll see. And the great thing is...we're becoming a family again. A close family. Things are falling back in place. I know...I'm all over the place. It's just...SO MUCH IS GOOD! Now, I know there will be bumps along the road...just as long as there aren't any more bruises. It's a beautiful day here in Texas. The sun is shining (something I haven't noticed in a while). And it's gorgeous out!! What do they say, "Don't leave before the miracle happens!" Well, I'm glad I didn't. Last week I was talking about coming out of the darkness into the light. Well, the light is shining!! Shining on me!! It's awesome to feel this way about life. One of my favorite quotes is, "Nothing changes if nothing changes!" And I changed!! Changed for the better. I gotta hold on to days like this, because I know every day will not be so incredible. But for right now...LIFE IS GOOD!


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  2. Sorry, that comment above wasn't actually by "TWD Fan Fiction", TWD Fan fiction is my daughter Danielle and I didn't realize she had logged me out and logged herself in.
    Here is what I said:
    Congratulations on starting a new life, I haven't read your previous posts to learn about exactly what your addictions were, but I can speak as someone who previously suffered from addictions that getting free from their grip is definitely a life changing decision! One that will make everything better. I've lost count of the years that have gone by since I stopped doing drugs, but I know it is somewhere around 20-22 years. I used to use marijuana, speed, cocaine, hashish, mushrooms, PCP, and twice took LSD. Tried crack once, and even back then could tell I better stay away from it or I'd completely lose myself.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I must stay away. I lost myself one too many times. I just turned 38...time to grow up!

  3. Congratulations on your new start !! May god give you all the strength you need.

  4. Thank you very much! And yes, God is the only reason I am still here today. Without Him, I'd be lost.