Learning to Love Yourself

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello everyone! 

This is my follow up blog "Learning to Love Yourself - 2/Self-Esteem"

Monday, January 5th, I started online college for the first time. It was scary at first. Before classes began, I had so much anxiety. You see, I enrolled in college 2 other times. The first time I enrolled I was 21. It was community college, and me and my 16 year older sister decided to go for it. Well, at the first quiz I quit. I didn't even take the quiz. I walked up to the instructor and asked why everything that was asked on the quiz we did NOT learn in class. She informed me that the quiz was on the material we should have read over the past week. So I left. The second time I enrolled in college,  I was 30 years old. Here, I was in active addiction and, well, you can put 2 and 2 together.

But this time is right. I just know it! 

I'm taking 2 courses.  The first is perfect for me. "Pathways to Academic & Professional Success". This course is amazing! I've already learned so much about myself, and how to change what is not working for me. For instance, while I good at self-motivation,  I am poor at time-management.  So for that I have to write down what needs to be done. Prioritize! And set time limits.

My second course is "Intro to Criminal Justice". I'm diving right into my major. Love it! It's a lot of hard work but extremely interesting. 

Well, enrolling, and starting school lifted my self-esteem.  I feel more confident already. So, for part 2 of "Learning to Love Yourself/Self-Esteem", I believe I'm on the right track. 

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