Learning to Love Yourself

Monday, January 19, 2015


I've had the most amazing day with school! It definatly gave my self-esteem a boost! I was so worried all week about this 3 page Criminal Justice report I had to write, APA style, with citations, references, etc. Now I've been out of school 20 years, and didn't pay attention my entire high school years because I was "too busy" to. I only graduated because I tried to take my life my senior year and spent 90 days in a dual diagnosed treatment center. The teachers and staff felt bad for me. Anyway, I was no scholar. So when this paper came up, (and it looks like there will be 1 a week for the rest of the semester) I freaked. But........I got a 98%! And in my comment section, the instructor wrote "impressive writing". So, in both my classes so far, I have an A! I know it's the beginning (semester ends March 1st) but I've had 10 graded assignments.  And my average is a 98.6% in my Success course,  and a 96.9% in Criminal Justice! I knew I could do it, just needed as little reinforcement. I expected a lower grade my first couple weeks, because I'm not used to college or the way the instructors want assignments and reports completed.  But it looks like I'm right there with them! So that was my self-esteem boost for the day...What was yours?

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